Standing up for the Parish System

The Church of England is draining parish resources, depriving parishes of paid clergy and forcing mergers on historic churches. Save the Parish is here to stop that.


Parishes are the heart of communities up and down the country. Children are christened, people are married, our loved ones are laid to rest- all in our parish churches. Saving Parishes is vital to protecting these things.


Many of our Parishes are centuries old, and play a central role in the history of England, and the United Kingdom. Current threats and pressures placed on parishes by the central church risk ending a direct, uninterrupted lineage with our local and national history.


Without parishes, and parish priests, the future of the Church of England is uncertain. The CofE's own research tells us that more paid clergy in parishes leads to the growth of the Church, and fewer leads to decline. Saving the Parish is best way to reinvigorate the Church for the next generation.

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Quotes of Support

You're not alone- Parishes matter, and people who love the parish are speaking out
Sir John Major

Sir John Major

Former Prime Minister

"Churches are not only part of our lives, they’re also a very important part of our landscape. If lost, we would all be the poorer."

Rev'd Canon Giles Fraser

Rev'd Canon Giles Fraser

St Anne's Church, Kew

“The hastening death of the parish will tear the beating heart from many a small place that is reliant upon church to help organise its common life."

Michael Nazir-Ali

Michael Nazir-Ali

Former Bishop of Rochester

“In rural areas, the parish church is often the only building which can be used for gathering the community at times of celebration and crisis... Its absence would further impoverish the community."


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Changes for South Holderness Churches | York Diocese

My local parish is undergoing significant changes. For a long time, our local church in Roos, East Yorkshire has been without a priest and we rely on a rural dean who travels to all of the different churches in South Holderness. Roos church relies on support from the Diocese of York to survive but due to the proposed funding changes, it is unlikely that we will be able to afford to pay for the employment of the clergy.