Emma Thompson has a hugely important article in the Spectator today, about a piece of draft legislation heading to General Synod. There is a proposal for draft legislation heading to the General Synod. Its name is ‘GS2222’, but we call it the Church Closers’ Charter. It is designed to make closing and selling churches easier for the dioceses.

Read the Spectator article here

If it is passed, it will make closing churches easier and remove or reduce PCCs’ and local people’s rights of consultation, representation and appeal. There is a small window to object now – which closes on October 31 (this has recently been extended from September 30).

We have prepared a short “How to object” document, which you might want to read before making any objection and which might help steer some of your answers.

Read the ‘How to object’ document here

We have also consulted a QC and asked him to look at the proposed measure, so you don’t just need to take our word for it that this is bad. Here is his analysis, and the text of his response to the consultation, which may be of use to you.

Read the analysis and response here

If you feel strongly that this is a mistake, please act.  All you need do is to send an email to mpm2011review@churchofengland.org by 31st October, stating that, with regard to diocesan church closure plans, you object to any reduction in the rights of PCC and local people to be consulted and to appeal.

If you have time to do more, you can fill out the whole consultation document; please use the documents above to object in greater detail.

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Amanda R Nicholson · 30 October 2021 at 7:51 pm

To shut the church of St Mary the Virgin in Addington MK18 2JR would destroy the thriving focal point of the community..

Patricia Sturgess · 30 October 2021 at 11:18 pm

With regard to the diocesan church closure plans, as a resident of 50 years in Addington , worshipping and covenanting at St Mary’s Church, I wish to object to the reduction in the rights of PCC and local people to be consulted and to appeal. Our Church is full and lively over Christmas Easter and harvest. It is loved, cleaned and well looked by our local ladies, which justifies our rights to involvement in any discussions regarding the future of this exceptional Church and it’s interesting history through many centuries

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