Rev. Brett Murphy interviews Prof. Roy Faulkner on mega-parishes and how proposals are presented from one point of view and how insensitive they are to theological differences

Has the Church of England thought through the continued creation of mega-parishes in England? Proposals are presented from only one side of the argument and seem very insensitive to the theological differences between parishes. Mega-parishes have been a disaster in Wales and their creation goes against the Church’s own research. Read more…

Salami-slicing of ministry is wrong, Archbishop of York, tells Save the Parish | Church Times

“The Archbishop’s interrogator was Canon Giles Fraser, Vicar of St Anne’s, Kew, and a member of the Save the Parish steering committee. He spoke of “anxiety that the centre of gravity is shifting away . . . as clergy numbers have been cut and parishes become more and more amalgamated and bigger, and that there are more and more people around the diocesan photocopier doing jobs that we don’t understand, and this creates a sort of crisis of trust.” This generated loud applause.”