Our speakers will outline the problems parishes are facing, the finances behind the scenes, and just how Parliament can help us change the tide.

That is where we need your help.

We need your MP to attend a big briefing between 6-8 pm on 25th April 2023. We want as many MPs there to hear from Save the Parish. We will lay out the situation as it stands, and spur them into action.

Please write to them telling them that you intend to come to the meeting and ask them to come too. If you can encourage your friends and contacts to do the same we would be very grateful. MPs are more likely to react to repeated requests especially if they are going to see their constituents.

Link to book tickets for our supporters 

Book tickets as an STP supporter

Link to book tickets for MPs which can be copied into your letter 

Please book MP tickets here

Please note that there is a chance that we may need to ration supporters tickets due to lack of space. We will contact you nearer the time.

Here are the steps you need to take:

Step 1: Get your MP’s email address

Anyone can contact their MP at any time. If you do not know your MP’s email address, you can find it via this link.

Step 2: Use our template to draft your MP an invitation

Simply replace all of these [WORDS] with the relevant details. Be sure to include the subject heading, and your address at the bottom.