Our Goal

The goal of the Save the Parish network is a Church of England where Parishes are at the core, with clergy, financial security and local strength.

Our Objectives

  1. To establish the Save the Parish network as a grassroots organisation with broad participation from laity and clergy.
  2. To build the case and support for rebalancing Church of England resources in favour of Parishes as the “front line”.
  3. To encourage and help our supporters to stand in General Synod elections and to engage fully in the Synod processes.
  4. To support the ability of every Parish to chart its own future through opposition to the centralisation elements of the Mission and Pastoral Measure review.
  5. To inform and gather support from those in authority or influence, such as State Commissioners, Church Commissioners, MPs and others in public leadership roles.
  6. To conduct a mainstream and social media campaign to help deliver these objectives.

Key Messages:

  • We are a grassroots network of laity and clergy, not a faction.
  • Front Line First – means Parishes and their clergy are the top priority.
  • Parishes able to chart their own local way forward, enabling volunteers.
  • Efficiency of the Church of England through minimising “overheads”.
  • This is urgent.