The Disaster of ‘Super-Parishes’ in Wales- A Cautionary Tale | Church in Wales

“They must visit and speak to the people in Wales, they must study the figures and look at the facts and avoid going down the same disastrous road if they do not wish to kill local community spirit and personal relationships, dry up donations and see church closures and sales which proclaim loud and clear their failure to keep the flame of Christianity alive.”

Church faces a stark choice for the future | Paul Hackwood, Church Times

WE require a wider purpose and a broader vision. A rethinking of cura
animarum — the cure of souls — provides a good foundation. Although it has an
ancient and archaic ring, it is a surprisingly contemporary idea. Its origins are
Roman and about authority in a particular place; but its expression comes from the
Saxon idea of the Church’s underpinning the formation of the nation, as a function
of the spiritual, moral, and material welfare of the people.