Now that Save the Parish is having a real impact nationally, we are looking to expand our team at a more local level to include volunteers who are willing to get actively involved on the ground in dioceses.

STP is currently staffed by volunteers.  We receive correspondence from parishes all over the country requesting help, from different dioceses around England- far more than we can comfortably manage.

We know that local knowledge is a vital element of the parish system.  We would hugely welcome your help if you might be willing to become a ‘regional’ STP representative in your local area.

Local reps would be very useful to:

  • Act as a point of contact for the national STP Steering Committee;
  • Lend support to Parishes and respond to queries from Parishes in your area;
  • Keep an eye on the activities of Dioceses that might affect Parishes, report back to us and flag up any areas of potential interest/concern;
  • Encourage STP supporters to engage with and stand at the next elections to Diocesan Synods.

Our aim is to create a number of regional groups, each comprising several Church of England Dioceses. Ideally, we would have a representative for each Diocese, with an overall coordinator.  We would envisage local operations growing organically.  Knowledge and experience of Church structures, although useful, are not essential.  We would like as many interested people ‘on the ground’ as possible to help us reach out to as many parishes as possible

If you could spare us some time or would like to discuss this further, we would love to hear from you! The best way to do this is to fill in the form below:


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