At our last Deanery Synod meeting we were presented with some facts which were lies. The Diocesan Office told us that they had made redundancies and now only had the equivalent of 24 full time employees, which I questioned and was cut short. A few weeks later at Diocesan Synod they announced that they actually employed 48, which equated to 39.6 fte, of which 32 worked on our Diocese, but no explanations given. They continue to employ staff, yet clergy posts are frozen.

How can we bring this Diocesan Office empire down as they generate no income, and have no contact with the public, so that we can get more clergy into communities and try and win people back to us?

Peter Robinson, PCC

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Stephen Mourant · 1 January 2022 at 12:25 pm

Comment for Peter Robinson; we were lied to at March Winchester synod: it led to the bishop being toppled, and chief executive resigning in September: get other synod members on board, form a group, so the research, analyse the accounts, and table the questions and keep tabling them until the truth is told; if necessary, see if there’s enough groundswell to put in a motion of no confidence in either chief executive or any other officials who are not telling the truth. Be tenacious – I was, and with the support of others we achieved what had never happened before; but the laity must take the initiative as clergy are wary, with new rules, of their positions – being dispossessed – being made redundant, even with a payoff from either diocese or grant from Archbishop’s Council as happened in Winchester (£510,000 grant to pay off clergy when money could have been used to pay their stipends – pay off is £60,000 each….) and being made homeless is a disgrace, when Church Commissioners had profit in 2020 of £527 MILLION…

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