Ahead of expected details about the upcoming Triennial Budget to be published by the Archbishops’ Council, campaigners from the grassroots group Save the Parish say they are looking forward to the budget reflecting the Archbishops’ statements in support of the parish system.

The Triennial budget sets out how the national funds of the CofE will be used. It is approved by the Archbishops’ Council and the Church Commissioners.

Fr Marcus Walker, Chairman of Save the Parish said “Since the formation of STP, the Archbishops have been at great pains to stress their support for the parish system.

“After years of neglect and systematic weakening, it is no wonder that many do not have confidence in the hierarchy’s newfound love of the parish model.

“This budget, however, provides the perfect opportunity for the Archbishops to show us that they really care, beyond empty words and reassuring phrases about their love of the parish.

“A budget that goes to the heart of the issue, and seeks to make a real difference to the life of our parishes, by divesting money from big restructuring initiatives, bureaucracy and bloat, instead investing it into supporting local parishes – in particular relieving them from hardship and the sheer unjust scale of the parish share- would go a long way to demonstrating that the leadership of the Church of England actually cares about the Parish..”

Fr Walker further added that Save the Parish will be “taking a keen interest” in the announcements, and will release a further statement based on its content.
The budget will be presented to the General Synod in York in July- although members do not get to vote on the budget.
Notes to Editors

  1. Save the Parish is a grassroots campaigning organisation, established in August 2021, whose goal is to push for reform for a Church of England that puts Parishes at its core with clergy, financial security, and local strength. It operates a multi-faceted media, online, research-based, and electoral campaign to bring about this change.
  2. The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have made statements ostensibly in support of parishes
    1. “Welby: there is no need to ‘save the parish;’ there is no threat to it”
    2. “Parish is not threatened, says Welby”
    3. “And I too want to save the parish” – Archbishop Cottrell
  3. There have been calls to use a fraction of the national CofE funds to clear the £12 million deficit accumulated by parishes during the covid pandemic
  4. The last Triennial Report was published in 2020, covering 2020-2022


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